I've always thought 'easy' was completely overrated.

She’s so quiet, she sometimes slips in unnoticed. She should work for the CIA.

Skywalker Apartment [Friday evening]
This week had been maybe not Rory's favorite.

Like, on the one hand, you know what was nice? Having a rapturously attentive husband who was under the influence of sex pollen, that's what. But that whole thing got a lot less cute when she wasn't nineteen anymore, and they had two small kids who were prone to knocking on the bedroom door at really inopportune moments, and just -- sigh.

Not to mention that there was still glitter kind of everywhere. Like seriously.

But! But hey, things were a little more normal now, and just in time for the world's most awkward dinner, hooray! Rory had ordered in tapas, made sure the kids were both dressed decently (and then given up when Juliet decided she was going to wear her princess costume from Halloween, because...look, sometimes you just had to pick your battles), and now she was bustling around rearranging throw pillows and making sure that there weren't dirty coffee mugs or old receipts lying around or anything.

Because obviously that was what Obi-Wan was going to care about most.

(Though, of course, she took a moment to at least send out a really important text, because priorities.)

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Skywalker Apartment [Thursday afternoon]
Rory's maternity leave didn't start for another month, but she was starting to wish she'd somehow arranged it earlier. For all that she loved her job, she hadn't really anticipated how much fun her commute would be near the end of her pregnancy. Or how much she'd love having to get up four times during a meeting. Or how hard it'd be to bring her work laptop home.

Today, though, she was working at home, with said laptop, CNN, and her remote. She'd changed into regular clothes, despite wanting to stay in pajamas, because she had a feeling she might be getting a visitor. (Just a feeling, though. She still hadn't become Force-sensitive through osmosis, damn it.)

Juliet, after running around most of the morning and trying to change the channel to PBS, was playing relatively quietly on the floor with her blocks. Granted, sometimes the blocks floated, but in the privacy of their home, Rory would take what she could get.

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Skywalker Apartment [Friday evening]
Rory had wanted to think that Anakin was being paranoid, as usual, about insisting she and Juliet move to the island. She had to work, they had a home here, and moving Vladdie and Bertie would be nothing short of a pain. Especially given how she was feeling these days.

But that had been before the calls. It didn't take much to make her cry these days, but hearing the last words of her best friends and her first mentor at Fandom broke something deep inside of Rory. She hadn't wanted to talk about it with Anakin, simply playing the two messages for him(and then she'd heard Aeryn, and lost it again), but Juliet was more difficult.

"Mommy sad?" she'd taken to asking, and by Friday, it was less of a question than an observation. She'd brought over several of her toys to hand to Rory, trying to make her mother happier, which only made Rory more teary. And so by Friday afternoon, she knew what to do.

"Juliet, can you help Mommy?" she asked seriously, kneeling down to toddler level as Juliet nodded seriously. "Go pick out three of your very favorite things. We're going on a trip."

Juliet burst into a big smile. "Vladdie come?"

"Yup, Vladdie's coming, so get his blankie, too. Can you be my helper?" And now Rory had her occupied for a few minutes while she emailed work to let them know she had a family emergency, but would be available via email to take care of things remotely. But Anakin was right. They had to get to Fandom.

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Skywalker Apartment [Sunday evening]
Over Shoulder
Rory had chalked it up to stress.

She'd finally started a new job, and while blogging hadn't exactly been what she'd anticipated using her journalism degree for, print was dying and she knew this was a foot in the door, anyway. Following the 2012 campaign trail? Dream job, no matter the medium.

And even if she wasn't really leaving Washington yet, she'd still taken on a full load with the job. Full enough that Juliet was spending more and more time at daycare and with Daddy, and Rory was starting to feel a little guilty, and she barely talked to her mom (meaning their multi-hour conversations and bi-weekly visits had turned to more normal mother-daughter relations) and when she got home at night, it was all she could do to eat the takeout Anakin placed before her and crawl into bed.

And yet she'd somehow found the time to do other things, if what she'd finally -- finally -- figured out today meant anything. Anakin had convinced her to go on the fall trip as a means to relax, and she had to admit, it sounded appealing before. Now, as she stared at a little blue plus sign for the second time in her life, she thought it sounded mandatory.

And to think she'd just thought it was stress. Rory was starting to wonder if she was just really bad at birth control, or if the Force just really wanted her pregnant. Six years of Fandom influence told her the latter was somehow more likely.

She'd bought the test after realizing how late she was, and had waited until Anakin scurried off to put Juliet in bed. At least the timing was right for spacing out the kids, and honestly, she wouldn't have minded except dream job.

And so Rory put the test down on the bathroom counter before going out to the living room again, tapping her hands on her knees and pushing down the excitement she felt, instinctively. The logistics were more complicated, this time.

Skywalker Apartment [Wednesday evening]
Rory was pleased to have Anakin back to his normal shape, sure, but she'd fallen seriously behind on her job search. While there were a few promising leads, she still hadn't had much time to follow up on them.

Especially not with a toddler wandering around and asking where the kitty had gone. Or telling her how old she was. Every five minutes.

So once again, Rory and Juliet were camped out in front of the television, Juliet with blocks and Rory with her laptop. She felt sort of bad using a TV as her babysitter, but she'd at least put on something involving the rescue of baby animals. And Juliet was mostly engaged in learning about different species, which made Rory feel a little better about putting together yet another email resume package.

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A park near the Skywalker apartment [all day]
Rory was clinging to her cup of coffee like a life raft. There was, of course, an area with pony rides, and an inflatable castle for kids to bounce around in, and typical playground equipment. There was a cake, and little kid snacks -- as well, of course, as coffee and grownup food for the adults.

Rory, frankly, had sort of wanted to bring some booze, but that was probably frowned upon. She had a seat where she could keep an eye on the kids, as well as the cranky-looking cat at her feet. "Great time for you to transform," she told Anakin, yet again. "Great."

Juliet, meanwhile, was toddling around and trying to do everything, yelling, "I TWO. I BIRTHDAY GIRL!" at people. Given how much cake she'd consumed, the crash later would be epic.

[open to all, but especially students Anakin would have invited, adults with weesmall ones, and relatives. :D]

Skywalker Apartment [Thursday evening]
"Juliet?" Juliet, who was innocently sitting in the middle of the floor, watching Dora (again), looked up at her mother with a giggle.

"Where did you put Mommy's laptop?" Rory asked, trying to keep patient. This was only the fourth time, after all.

"It hide."

"No, Juliet. It's not hiding. Where's my computer."


Rory was totally not counting down the minutes until Anakin would be home. Nope. That would be silly.

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Skywalker Apartment [Monday evening]
Grownup pretty laaady
Juliet had already been fed (and subsequently bathed), and adult food had been ordered from the Greek place who knew her order by heart now, and Rory was perched on the couch while her child sat on the floor, enraptured by a red monster with a lisp.

"Elmo!" she shrieked, throwing a block to get her mother's attention. How dare Rory look at her laptop and not at the amazingly wise Muppet?

"Good job, sweetie. What color is Elmo?"


"Great," Rory said. "Now, Grandma looks nice in red, right? Do you think Daddy would make Grandma an Elmo hat if I asked him nicely, so we don't have to watch Elmo anymore?"

"Hat!" Juliet answered, thankfully missing all baby-monster-pelt related dryness and focusing on the hat part.

"You could have one too."

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Skywalker apartment [Monday evening]
Twenty-two was not a big birthday, really. Rory knew that, which was why she hadn't said much about it.

Anakin, however, didn't seem to know that, seeing as how he'd arranged for a sitter (apparently they were allowing the neighbor girl to rob them again), and set up a picnic on the floor, similar to the ones they'd had back in her dorm room as high-schoolers. But with more wine.

"And here I was going to spend the night working on a paper," Rory admitted, smiling as she curled up on the blanket.

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