I've always thought 'easy' was completely overrated.

She’s so quiet, she sometimes slips in unnoticed. She should work for the CIA.

Rory Skywalker (née Gilmore) auroryborealis
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"Hi, it's Rory. I can't think of anything cute to say. Ooh, wait, puppies. That's cute."


[old voicemails can be found here.]

"Hi," Angela said breathlessly. "It's us. We're on our way to Fandom, but ... it's rough. Really rough." Her voice got fainter there as a cell tower went down. "I can't even see across the street now. I hope you and Anakin and the baby are all doing okay."

She said something else then, but it was muffled behind a roar of static before the call cut off entirely.

[OOC: Full background here. In conclusion, not being able to edit comments sucks.]


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